Teaching high quality language classes for 10 years!

Prime Class

Instructor Instructors of Prime classes are all native speakers with at least 5 years of language teaching experience.
Class Size Class size is 2-8 students in Prime classes, which allow students to receive more practice and individualized attention.
Free Refunds If students are not satisfied with the first class, they may request a full refund within 48 hours after the first class.
Free Repeats If students are not satisfied with the course by the end of the program, they may repeat the class for free in the following program.
  • Class time will be reduced if the class size minimum is not met.
  • All Instructors are experienced, but Prime teachers are always native speakers.
  • Full refunds are provided only when requested within required time frame.
  • Free class repeats (same level) only offered if student attended all classes.
  • Repeated class may be taken when the same class is offered again (may or may not be Prime).